Monday, August 1, 2011

What now?

Well, the news is out there about the Horror Jungle, and all of us are as disappointed as you listeners.  I have to thank BillChete for letting me take part in this great experience, and to Bill, Dr. Shock, and Bloody Lizzie for the help they all  gave me to get this site off the ground.  Thanks, too, to the other hosts.  It has been great getting to know such a talented bunch of people.  Especially, Thanks to you listeners for enjoying the show and providing us all with feedback, it means so much!
Much still remains to be sorted out, but I assure you, I will be updating this site as frequently as I can with mini reviews, and other subjects.  I would be glad to have any of you jump in and suggest movies to discuss or other topics that are interesting to you.
It sounds like several of the hosts want to attempt to put together a podcast, but it is a monumental task ahead of us.  If we get beyond the discussions and planning stages, we will let you know what progress we are making.  In the mean time, please check in at KC Canton's , as KC has invited us to participate on his site.  I am planning on contributing reviews there, and he has his Creepcast linked to the site.  Also please support the hosts of the Horror Jungle by interacting with their websites. The links are listed in my Freaky Links box to the right.
Thanks so much listeners, and I  encourage you to stay in touch with us as we move forward!


Anonymous said...

Are you moving over to DRC Boss and the other hosts?

By your post it sounds like you want to start another one, I hope you do and keep the format alive as in HJ.

I will miss the podcast very much.

Lavon C.

Anonymous said...

Do not go to Creepcast Butcherman it is nowhere near as good as Horror Jungle. It is a boring podcast that doesn't even compare.

Us fans need horror reviews and ratings and picks. Drum up some excitement and get another started.

Horror Jungle was the best at horror so please look towards that direction.

John S.

Boss Butcher said...

Lavon C, and John S.-

Several of the hosts have expressed interest in getting a podcast together, but it is not an easy undertaking, and it takes technical skill. We are going to be talking with one another and sorting everything out, but you just can't jump into podcasting and do what BillChete was able to accomplish. He is an immensely talented and driven guy. We will have to work as a team to give it a go. Please stay in touch with all the hosts, and be patient. We will keep you posted! Overall, thank you for your enthusiasm, and support!

Anonymous said...

Horror Jungle was bad-ass, I hate to see it go.

Boss Butcher keep going with the Vampire segment until a new podcast surfaces.

Did you ever think about doing a solo recording of the Bloodbath segment and put the audio on this blog? Eddie/TX

Anonymous said...

On lunch break and I had to leave a comment. Dr.'s website is filled with comments and scrolls until evermore, so I came over here to you sir.

I just wanted to say I thought the Horror Jungle podcast was remarkable and 100% entertaining. I took to heart each one of the host's opinions and based my DVD purchases off of the ratings.

There is no doubt that I will miss Horror Jungle exponentionally. The podcast flowed perfectly and everyone always gave their take on the movies. The DVD segments with music and plot overviews were incredible.

I wish they gave out awards or something because the Horror Jungle podcast was wildly outstanding and I, my brother, father and nephews will miss this podcast so unbeluievably much.

Cole McNelly

Boss Butcher said...

Thanks for commenting! I am so glad you enjoyed the podcast.

As far as the future, I will continue to update this site, and the will be many vampire reviews, I assure you! I like your idea of a solo segment if nothing else works out, or if it take a long period of time to work out. Either way I have quite a bit to learn and in the mean time, I will be putting reviews and comments here as well as Downright Creepy!


Yeah, Doc gets a ton of comments at DVD Infatuation! I am glad you decided to post something here! I know that all the hosts felt the same as you about the podcast, and it is very rewarding to get the feedback from you guys! I personally can't help but hope that some time in the future, we can all reunite and put the Horror Jungle out there again, but only time will tell! Until then, I will give it my best to give you guys something interesting to read and/or listen to! Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Bye-Bye Sir Boss it was nice listening to you + the other hosts.

Boss Butcher said...


Bye for now as far a podcasts go. I will be continuing to place posts on here frequently, however. And I'm looking at (for the short-term) possibly posting recorded recommendations on this site. I will keep you all posted on the progress of that. And thanks agian for the idea, Eddie!

Anonymous said...

I dread horror jungle leaving the horror scene, it is the best place for horror movie reviews + ratings in the world.

A question for the vampire bud, have you seen heartless yet, i think it is a uk vampire movie and was released recently here in the u.s.

N. Cal

Anonymous said...

The podcast was wonderful- Hopefully us fans will hear from all you hosts very soon.

Anonymous said...

Great blog such ashame the pod came to an end. I will miss it and miss your new vampire segment. J.Mann

Anonymous said...

God I loved Horror Jungle so much best in breed for horror movies. I am going to miss a bunch of the hosts and there segments specifically BillChete, JoeMummy, MidngightCorey and YES YOU BossButcher! Please come back at least you 4 I will pay for it!!!!!

Boss Butcher said...

I have had Heartless in my queue for a while now, but upon seeing your comment, a punched it up! Pretty good movie (not a vampire movie in case anyone was wondering). I will try to put up a mini review tomorrow or the next day. Thanks for the rec!

I am sure there will be something to listen too fairly soon. I am working on a couple of options at the moment. Thanks for posting!

J. Mann-
It is a downer that the Horror Jungle is gone, but I will be posting often here at, and am working on something to provide you with horror movie recommendations. Thanks for posting!

Thank you so much for the high praise! It means alot to be put in their company! Honestly, having responses like that is what makes this all so rewarding!