Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Vampyres (1974)

I have to say, this is one I've meant to watch for some time.  I just love good '70s vampire movies, and this is a pretty good one.  The film was shot in the UK , and was Directed by Jose Ramon Larraz and stars Mariane Morris and Anulka (aka Anulka Dziubbinska) as two lesbian vampires, who lure unsuspecting men into their world of freaky sex and bloodlust. 
The movie starts quickly, with the two lovers in a torrid, albeit silly tryst in a gothic-looking room, a doorknob turns, and they are gunned down.  And off we go!  The movie follows three plot lines, the first is a man named Ted (Murray Brown) checking into a hotel.  The second, a young couple John and Harriet (Brian Deacon and Sally Faulkner) beginning a camping trip near the old dilapidated castle where the two vampires, Fran and Mariam live out the third plotline.
John and Harriet are driving toward their destination, and spot a woman by the side of the road.  Harriet, who is the passenger, also notices a second woman hiding back in the trees a bit. This begins to eat away at her, but John of course poo-poos it, wanting to focus on their camping and trying his hand at fishing the next day.  Later, Ted drives by, and picks up the Fran, and like a fly in her web enjoys and evening of wine drinking and wild sex.  He awakens to find he has been cut on the arm, and drained of energy.  He begins to look for answers…
This movie has a lot of nudity, and it would be easy to dismiss it as a soft-core porno if you don’t stick around past the midway point.  In fact, at one point I began keeping score between the sex scenes and the deaths, and sex scenes were winning!  Fortunately, I stayed with it, because it really is a creepy, scary movie.  Most of the good jumps come toward the end, but the mood is certainly eerie, and doesn’t let up.  No comedic relief here (not that there aren’t some unintentionally funny 70s moments).
As far as vampire standards, I wish they had stayed a bit more consistent.  The girls seem to be able to stand out in broad daylight most of the time, but at one point, they have to hurry to the wine-cellar because “it’s day”.  Also, no fangs.  These girls need knives.  Their supernatural qualities are only hinted at, and their connection, and others, to the opening scene are vague.  On the upside, the deaths of one male and one female victim later are truly terrifying and disturbing.  The movie ends pretty strong, and I will definitely watch it again.  That being said,  at this point, I can’t recommend buying the blu ray.  It’s $26.49 on Amazon!  I will try to find it on Ebay, however! I would recommend buying it on DVD at around $15, and it is certainly worth streaming on Netflix! But hurry, it’s only available on Netflix until 8/16/2011!  I give Vampyres, a 7 out of 10. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Vampyres sounds real good Mr. Butch, I have one for you called "Transylmania" supposedly a comedy-vampire horror movie and I would like to get you opinion on it before I spend the cheese.

Good luck to all of the wonderful hosts at Horror Jungle, it was one stellar podcast while it lasted.


Anonymous said...

Boss Butcher,


1, When will we be hearing a new Vampire Bloodbath segment?

2, When will we be hearing a new podcast?

3, Who is involved in the new podcast?

4, What is your favorite Vampire movie? Mine is Interview with the Vampire.

5, How come the other 7 hosts didn't resume/continue the podcast?

6, When will BillChete be back?

7, Why hasn't Bloody Lizzy, Hell Hunter, and Midnight Corey posted any new information on there websites?

8, Who is running the new podcast?

9, Do you like all Vampire movies, like Vampire/Comedy, Vampire/Love, Vampire/Zombies? I sell the dead is a Vampire/Zombie/Comedy movie that was great.

10, What will be the new podcast name?

Horror/Vampire Conniseur,
Hayden Bininger

Anonymous said...

my quest for another horror podcast over the last week has been abysmal. no podcast compares to what horror jungle was for horror movies. please reconsider returning to horror all of you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Double 'B' Nice blog for the vamps amonsgt us hehehehe Maybe make the Boss Butcher text smaller on top quite big pal, I vote for Horror Jungel episode 4 and on...too Good too let end. {SD}

Boss Butcher said...

I will try to watch it soon! Normally, I'm not real big on comedies, but I will give it a fair shake.
Thanks for the compliments, and for stopping by to comment!

Wow! Here goes:
1. Hopefully soon, but it will be an amateur solo cast. I have to say it is on the back burner for the near future.
2. I honestly don't know, but it is my hope that it won't be too long. Some of it is out of my hands.
3. All I feel comfortable saying is me. There are others who are discussing the possibilities, and some I haven't heard from.
4. Well, I love 30 Days of Night. That, and I have a soft spot for Count Yorga. Interview was good from what I remember, but it's been a little while!
5. Some have the skills to pull it off, but don't have the free time to dedicate to it, some are learning, but aren't quite ready to put out a podcast by themselves, and some are pursuing other things. I am basically waiting for one piece of the puzzle to fall into place. That is all I can say.
6. That is a question for BillChete. I really can't say. Sorry :(
7.Believe me when I say, they are all VERY busy people. I don't know all the particulars, but that is my best guess.
8. That remains to be seen.
9. I mostly like scary, evil vampire movies, but will give any movie a shot. Not real big on the romanticized vamps or comedy in general.
10. We are developing a list of possible names, and I figure we'll vote on it.

Thanks so much for your questions, I wish I had better answers, but I just don't yet.

Thanks for taking the time to comment! Don't like the big type, eh? I'll have to consider that! LOL

Anonymous said...

thx for the three episodes they were great, cast will be missed.

Anonymous said...

My lovely emperor of vampires; this is Tess and I thoroughly loved the horror podcast.

It is nice to hear us fans will be getting something more; soon I hope.

If I may I have a few suggestions; The Forsaken; Fright Night; Gangja and Hess; Subspecies; Martin.

Our minds can meet and we both can find good Vampire movies we haven't seen.

It would really be neat if one of my suggestions makes it on one of your excellent DVD segments.

Good review on Vampyres one of my top twenty vampire movies.

Yours truly; Tess

Anonymous said...

Shazam, no more Dr. that person is a pompous idiot. Glad about that but not about the podcast ending. It suited my collection of horror movies. The podcast provided new horror movies for me to buy.

I would like to see this new podcast include Boss, Hell, Corey, Bill, Joe. 5 is enough and I can hear the 5 speak more during reviews.


Anonymous said...

Coming to you by the way of London, My wife of 34 years and I will miss Horror Jungle and all the horror selections very much.

Boss Butcher said...

Thanks for listening to the Horror Jungle, and for taking the time to comment! It means alot!

Thanks for the nice comments! I will definitely check out the recommendations that I haven't seen. You never know, I might do a segment on one of them. Thanks for taking the time!

Thanks for your enthusiasm! It means so much to hear how much people enjoyed it! Thank you for posting!

Sorry it had to end. I miss it, too. Thank you for commenting here!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Butch, thank you for responding to all my questions, even though you were quite vague, understandably though, I know it was a bunch.

Hayden Bininger

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Mr. Butcher:
I will miss horror jungle more than you can know. I was so thrilled when my 3 favorites from planet macabre started up a new show, and the addition of yourself and the other 4 hosts was a dream come true!
The 3 recomendation segments I'll miss most are yours (my favorite movie is hammer's "Horror of Dracula"...any chance you'll review it on your site?), dr. shock's oldies and cory's zombie picks.
Please come back soon!


Anonymous said...

Vampire Boss:
I wish you could elaborate more on the 1 commentor about the WHEN will there be something new.
I am LMFAO on the Jennifer comment about Dr. It must be his wife. You can tell on the podcast he reads what he says and his segment was horrible, hysterically the worst. You can get every one of his picks on for free.
LMAO still laughing about that Anyways bring us more horror podcasts they are jimdandy fine.

Anonymous said...


Missing Horror Jungle already! Please, fill us in on the plans!

Not sure what that Nomad guy's talking about. Obviously a new listener (can't shake the feeling that he's also Mickey. his rec? What a joke!). Doc, you, and all the hosts were awesome!

Some people, even at the end, just love to slam! SCREW THEM!

Please, ALL the hosts, come back soon!


Anonymous said...

I flixed this movie Vampyres just in time. Great choice my rating equals 8.

Bring us more vampire reviews sir while waiting on a podcast.

Boss Butcher said...

Yeah, that's the best I can do for now. Will know more this week! Stay tuned...

Thank you for taking time to comment!

Thanks for the nice comments, and for taking time to stop by!

The main reason I don't want to speculate about when is because I honestly don't have a concrete date. As soon as I do, I will announce it here for sure

Glad you got to see it and enjoyed it! I will certainly be writing more reviews in the coming days!

Anonymous said...

geezus-came over to say good luck to the hosts it was a pleaseure listeining to horror jungle-then reading through comments about that drshock host which i agree with them. he is such a peasant and pesque-hardheaded meathead and hopefulyl he is not included in this new podcast-talks about movies no one cares about-hate his conceited puffed up lingo. i find it bizarre someone always comments defending him-obvious it is himself commenting-how bogus is that. i have sent numerous emails into the contact addy about his ways many times-it is sad how one host can bring down the thoughts of others.

please feel free to reach me and keeping me updated on new revelations of the podcast.


Anonymous said...

That Doctor Shock guy sucks I have my fingers crossed that he is not part of these gatherings.

And thank you Boss Butcher Hell Hunter Midnight Corey for providing another place to post public comments other than with him on his blog.

Hurry up guys I am getting anxious on another one.

Mecklin (Atl, GA)

Anonymous said...

missing hj already make a speedy return horror dudes

Anonymous said...

Looks like a busy week for you Mr. Butcher with no new reviews in 5 days. I hope you critics are working on a new horror podcast that will rival what Horror Jungle was. A date or some sort of timetable would be nice for you to share. How close are us fans from getting the new flavor of podcast, a week away: month away: or no idea? --John

Anonymous said...

I miss Horror Jungle. Come back boys.

Anonymous said...

Hurry back, Horror Jungle! You 8 are the best there is!


Anonymous said...

HJ is awesome. 8hosts with 11recs. Bring it Back! Don't let it slip/slide away! Verve9

Boss Butcher said...

I hope you received my email. Sorry for the delay in posting your comment. Will keep you all up to date on any developments as soon as I have something concrete! Thanks for taking time to comment!

It is my pleasure to interact with all of you! I am anxious to get a project going but when starting from scratch (which in many ways, we are) you just can't snap your fingers and make it happen. I hope to be able to reward your patience sooner rather than later!
Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks for the comment! I appreciate it!

Thank you for your interest! I have to say, I don't expect to rival Horror Jungle, however! That was a dynamic podcast produced by a pro. I will promise that I will do my best, and look to improve as I learn. I really hate to give a timetable until I can see the finish line! =) You guys will be the first to know. That much I can tell you!

Thanks you so much for commenting!

Thanks for the compliment! It was great to be a part of that group of people, but hearing from you guys makes it extra special!

Well, the Horror Jungle is completely out of my hands, what can I say. I am happy you enjoyed it so much, and hope to bring you something entertaining when we get it hammered out! Stay tuned! =)

Anonymous said...

hiya boss no new content in a week?

status on new pod?

no one updating there blogs why?

is it over completely?