Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Missing the Horror Jungle podcast?

As many are already aware, and many have just discovered, The Horror Jungle podcast has been discontinued.  I will leave it to Bill and the Horror Jungle website to explain it all, as it was a personal decision.  What I can tell you is that several of the other hosts, along with myself, are planning right now on what it would take to launch another podcast that will provide horror movie recommendations.   The format would be much like that of the Horror Jungle and the content will be PG13 quality.  We would have segments, such as the Bloodbath segment which I have done, and would review and recommend movies as a group.

This is a big undertaking for us, as most of us don't have experience in producing a podcast, and the proper planning it takes to ensure a quality show that people will want to listen to.  Basically we have to try to do what BillChete was doing, which was a tremendous amount of work!  The fact that BillChete put in that much work for free, shows his dedication to the fans of the show.  I am so grateful to have worked with him, I can't tell you!  He really helped me alot (and so did Dr. Shock and Bloody Lizzie) to channel my passion into something so rewarding.  I will do my best to contribute in this future project, as I'm sure the other participants will.

For the near future, all of the hosts have websites listed to the right, and many of them write movie recommendations.  Please continue to stay in touch as we move forward. I myself am learning how to do little solo podcasts that I hope to put up here on the site.  They will be a continuation of my segment on the Horror Jungle, and will cover one Vampire-themed  movie, per podcast.  Stay tuned!  In the mean time, thank you so much for all the feedback and support.  It means alot to all of us!


Anonymous said...

NO!!!!! Don't leave us Horror Jungle hosts, you have an outstanding horror podcast going.

Take a BRIEF brake and come back to us fans.

Anonymous said...

holy cow i had no idea the podcast ended. good luck to all the hosts and return to horror soon.


Anonymous said...

Jesus H. ****** commenting not working across the board on blogs, what did all of you disappear.

I seen Dr. Shock's message he is out of town, yeah right, I even tried to comment there with no luck all day. That is actually good never liked that guy at all.

This better go through this is my 5th attempt at commenting.

I wanted to support your podcast by any means possible to keep it going. Maybe with a monetary donation you will tredge forward.

Keep us informed and this better F***ing go through.

Jack Livingston

Boss Butcher said...

Some of us hosts have been meeting to get something going. We hope it will be sooner rather than later, but we have quite a bit to work out! Please stay tuned!

Thank you for the well wishes, I will at the very least remain active on this page. I am learning about solo podcasting as well. The other hosts all have websites, too, and I encourage you to explore them!

Sorry you've had a tough time getting through to people! Like everyone these days, the other hosts and I have very busy lives, and I know Doctor Shock is on a family vacation, so it was bad timing.

Whatever we get going in the way of a podcast will remain free. I'll keep you posted with any news, as it becomes available.

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, it means alot!

Anonymous said...

Good evening,
Horror Jungle was marvelous. The best horror movie podcast I ever heard and I have been around for many years. It is sad that it came to a close. I have faith that all the hosts will be back and put together another marvelous podcast.
A fan,

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hurry back soon billchete and gang, you provided us with super horror stuff. seetherbrew uk

Anonymous said...

catcya all on the next 1, keep us posted mr butcher + i will be stopping hear for mmore vampire movvies.

Anonymous said...

Hey there BossButcher what is each critics plan if you could elaborate with all eight.

I will miss the podcast incredibly. All horror recommendations were purchased thru the podcast.

Thank you dearly,

Anonymous said...

Dcotor away, Hell Hunter never updates so I am coming to you Boss Butcher the Vampire.

I am SOBBING look:
█ █

Don't stay away too long, heck Halloween around the corner, hurry back now you hear. -Foiley Jr.

Anonymous said...

YES!! I am missing Horror Jungle!!

The pod was the best source for horror movies on the WWW!!

Minnie / 29F
"Gremlin Girl"

Anonymous said...

Hi chap I am from the EU and I was a bit taken back that the pod cast has ended. The show was brilliant. Even many friends I know listened to it that were not the biggest horror fans in the world. The show was entertaining and the guide with eight critics made it a no brainer for deciding on movies to buy. Is there any possibility on the return of the pod cast?

Boss Butcher said...

Thanks so much! We will do the best we can, it is so much fun to do. It is very rewarding to have so many people enjoy it!

Thanks you! We miss bringing it to you!

Thanks much for commenting! I will pass it on to BillChete!

I am grateful you will be stopping by. I should have another review up later tonight! Thanks!

Well, first thank you for the support! Glad you liked the Horror Jungle!
As for the other hosts, I really can't say who is involved, other than myself, because it is all planning and meetings right now. What I can tell you is that some of us are discussing the possibilities of starting a podcast.
However, all of the other hosts have websites, and many have recommendations they put out, and Midnight Corey and KC have either older podcasts or new shows on their websites if you want something to download. I will happily report any developments of the possible podcast as soon as I know something more concrete. Stay tuned!

Indeed Halloween (my favorite holiday) is very near! I don't plan on being away from some sort of podcast for very long! Thanks so much for stopping by to comment!

We miss it, too, believe me! So grateful you enjoyed the Horror Jungle!

Well, it's not really for me to say if it's possible for the podcast to come back. What I can say is, some of us are working on something, and continue to put out recommendations through our sites for the time being. Thanks to you and your friends for taking the time to listen to the Horror Jungle, and for stopping by to comment! Please stop by anytime!

Anonymous said...

shit bossman horror jungle had stunning camaraderie and stunning rapport with one another.

the two hosts that were under my skin was drshock and joemummy i don't think they were even very "horror minded" in nature. still tho the other 6 were outstanding and i "trusted" each of the ratings. no bs style and so fun. such an enjoyable podcast.

reading over the commentes and your responses i sure hope the "meetings" include billchetie, midnightcorey, kacee, bloodylizzie and yourself.

well here's hoping i am hearing from you soon. bert colello.

Anonymous said...

no escribo a inglés pero quería decir cuánto me encantó el podcast. arrivederci. CLÍMACO

Anonymous said...
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Boss Butcher said...

So glad you enjoyed the Horror Jungle! It was indeed one of a kind! Please stay tuned for info on our future plans! Thanks for posting!

Boss Butcher said...

¡Gracias tanto por comentar! ¡Soy feliz que usted disfrutó de la demostración! ¡Esperanzadamente, podemos traerle otro podcast en el futuro!

Babel Fish-
Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

the hj cast was tremendous yall will be missed by us - family of 5 [dreybons - florida]

Boss Butcher said...

The Dreybons-

We're glad you enjoyed the Horror Jungle! Please continue to visit here, and stay tuned for any further developments.