Friday, August 26, 2011

Here it is! Enjoy Episode 1 of: Terror Troop!

Well, all the hard work is over on the first podcast! I really hope you all enjoy it! The first episode is available here, and soon on Hellhunter and Bloody Lizzy's sites. Subscription links won't be available until we have the new Terror Troop website up, which should be relatively soon.

Please keep in mind, this is the first in a series, and we will be improving with each outing. Your feedback is GREATLY appreciated!

In this episode, we cover the three host segments first. Hellhunter recommends Trollhunter, Bloody Lizzy recommends Shutter Island, and Boss Butcher recommends The Lair of the White Worm. The main feature is John Carpenter's The Ward. Plus, we have a special surprise guest!

We plan to have a new episode available every other Friday, so the next one should be available on September 8. So enjoy it and let us know what you think! Thank you so much for your patience! Just push the "Play" button on the little podcast image at the bottom of this post to hear it!


Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Thank you guys.

The art work is kool. I like the DVD segments moving on.

I will miss some of the other hosts, Chete (nice to hear the special appearance), Mummy and Corey.

A few suggestions,
(1) More enthusiasm Boss Butcher as the main host.
(2) Longer podcast.
(3) Ability to subscribe.

Drake W.

Anonymous said...

nice beginning but you have a way to go to compare with hj {btw halloween ticker is too large overfrays the border} r.f.

Anonymous said...

more excitement from ya butch ya sound scared-lizzie popping off anuther nonhorror movie come on girl-happy dr. not in there that guy stupid-vampire pix 6 come on butch go bigger

Anonymous said...

Billchete should be hosting much more interesting Bossbutcher doesn't have the chops.

Warren B.

Anonymous said...

Great review on the the Ward, you saved me money I was going to buy the Blue Ray this week now I know it's a dud.

Some funny lines, Hell Hunter talking about the guy that didn't want the hot girl and Bill Chetie with the no tits comment, I am with you dude, horror needs knockers, lmao.

Kip Frelinger

Anonymous said...

I like the pod name, needs to be much longer tho when you were mastering 11 per episode and now only 4 I feel cheated either that or weekly..YakaTack

Boss Butcher said...

Thanks so much for the comment! Glad you liked it!

Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it. I will work to improve with each episode. That I can promise you, both as a host, and with more (and better) content.
Subscrtiptions will be available once we get the Terror Troop website up, which should be soon! Thanks for taking the time!

Oh, I couldn't agree more with you on being on par with Horror Jungle, but we will improve with each episode, I assure you! Yeah, and I will work on that ticker! I just kind of slapped it up there for something fun. Thanks for taking time to post!

I don't mind telling you, I was a bit nervous, but I will strive to improve each time out! LOL, I will let Lizzy know. =)
Well, IMO Lair of the White Worm is a pretty good one (especially the Vampire), but I'm sure we'll find some higher scoring ones moving forward! Thanks for the feedback, it is appreciated!

Warren B.-
NO one looks forward to Bill's return than me, but I am dedicated to becoming a better podcaster with each one! Thanks for listening and taking the time to comment!

Yeah, there were some good laughs on there. I also liked Bill's "sickening" comment. These guys are so fun to make podcasts with!
Thanks for listening to Terror Troop!


I don't feel it will be long before we have an additional feature, and we might be having more hosts in the future, it all depends. As I have said, we aim to improve, but we just wanted to get something out to entertain you listeners! Thank you so much for listening and taking the time to share your thoughts!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Butcher, I'm grateful you put together another cast for the fans, with little experience and trying to emulate seasoned podcasters you did fine. Here's too you Mr. Butcher. :) I am looking onwards to new features / improvements. Linette

Boss Butcher said...

Thanks so much for the vote of confidence! I will do the best I can to bring you a better podcast each time out. Glad you enjoyed it! =)

Anonymous said...

excellent production value i honestly wasnt expecting that when i read the post who was involved.

weekly would be a positive since you are only covering 1 movie.


ps nice surprise mr billchete dont stay gone too long.

Anonymous said...

Decent start to a podcast nowhere as amazing as Horror Jungle. More horror reviews please and more discussions. The Boss needs to be more forceful and entertaining. A touch lethargic at times. You said many times on the episode it is a growing process so I am willing to cut some slack for a few episodes. Cut the young chick she brings nothing whatsoever to horror. Maybe some more diversity, sounds like the 3 main hosts likes the "Thriller" sub genre which really barely even touches horror.


Boss Butcher said...


Thank you for your comments! I think that rather than go weekly, it is more likely that we will be adding more commentary to the show, and cover at least one more main feature. Possibly as soon as the third or fourth episode.

I knew we had a tough act to follow, that is for sure. Horror Jungle was a one of a kind podcast. All I can hope to do is the best I can each episode, and I can assure you my performance will improve each time out. Had a little first time jitters! =) Thanks for taking the time to leave feedback, I very much appreciate that!

Anonymous said...

I just heard Mr,Bill announce this new podcast on the air so I figured I would listen in.

I like the {host induced sections} covering a genre-neat.

The feature was well discussed and the flow was good.

I will check in from time to time for new shows.

Maywood, CA

Anonymous said...

Never even heard of a Podcast, Thanks bunches Billshete this is Awesome! G.Glugino

Anonymous said...

i never miss midnite macabre show even when i am sleepy ** nice to meet you boss butcher i love vamp films will be following you now * cant wait to hear the vamp picks each time * bitsy vernon ca

Anonymous said...

Fun stuff I am listening off & on while on commercials. I like this horror audio stuff. Now I can even get more horror movies to waatch.

Anonymous said...

Intersting, listned to 10mins.I DL'ed and will listen fully on my drive to work -Connor [L.A.]

Anonymous said...

The show seems awful short. I enjoy the weekend shows that last for hours and hours.

I do like the reviews and it seems only one movie every other week isn't enough.

How about like a 4-5 hour show where you really dive into horror reviews.


Anonymous said...

more more more boisterous boss butcher follow your mentor

Anonymous said...

excellent pod ok vampman i browsed around and seen no mention of the new fright night is it worth seeing at the theater? lawrence

Anonymous said...

Saved me the green with the Ward discussion! ThkU podhosts! Whens the next episode? What will you be covering? "LonelySiba"

Anonymous said...

Hey BillChete way to put it to that nimrod who said Saw was the best horror movie ever.

I went to all other websites and downloaded all the podcasts you were on, I have 100's to enjoy, perfect timing too because the family is heading on vacation almost 30 hours away, what a drive, not looking forward too that but at least now I can hear your previous works.

I value your horror expertise more than you know, keep it up.

Rob Blake - 37

Boss Butcher said...

Glad you enjoyed our little podcast! Thanks for stopping by to comment. I look forward to hearing your comments on future episodes!

G. Glugino-
I'm glad BillChete mentioned us, thanks for following through and checking out Terror Troop!

Glad to meet you, too! I will have another vampire pick on each episode! Thanks for giving Terror Troop a listen!

Glad you are enjoying it! Thanks for commenting and for listening to Terror Troop!

Hope you enjoy the rest of the podcast. Let us know what you think! Thanks for listening, and commenting!

Yes, the show was pretty short! Honestly, we just layed it down and edited it, and that's what we came out with. But, it just our first go at it. We will improve each time, and we do plan on adding another main feature in the month or so, which will make for a longer show. As for the next episode, I feel it will naturally go a little longer now that we have a little more confidence in what we're doing. Thanks for the feedback, and for listening!

Yeah, I agree I need to loosen up a bit! I was a bit nervous, and was in uncharted terrain with hosting for the first time. I learned alot, and while I have a different personality than BillChete, I can promise you my input will be more natural next time out! LOL Thanks for the feedback, it is appreciated!

To be perfectly honest, I haven't seen it yet. It just doesn't really appeal to me, as it's pretty much a date night vampire comedy, and I prefer to see something frightening. If I do see it, I will post a review on here. Thanks for commenting!

Episode 2 will be out on Friday, September 8 in the US. As for our main review, it will be a new Blu Ray release on 9/6 and we'll keep the rest a mystery! Thanks for posting and for your interest in the Terror Troop podcast!

I know you'll enjoy the shows Bill has done, and I will pass along your compliments! Thanks for stopping by!

I received your nice comments and I don't have a way to post it without sharing you email address.

I am glad you liked the podcast, and there will be a subscription link soon after we get hooked up. Whouldn't be too long, though! Thanks for taking the time to comment, and for listening!

Anonymous said...

MORE reviews or WEEKLY boss Ep 1 was good but short Lenny

Anonymous said...

The 3 L's -> Listened -> Liked -> Lively -> Give us more!

Boss Butcher said...

Glad you enjoyed the first Terror Troop! Yes it cam up a bit short in length, but we learned alot from doing it, and we will most certainly run a little longer with the next outing. We also plan to add another feature discussion to the show fairly soon. Thanks for listening to it and giving feedback!

Thanks so much for the nice post! I think you'll find more to like as we continue to grow!