Friday, July 15, 2011

So I watched The Collector

It took long enough to watch this flick, and I was not disappointed!  It is 2009's The Collector. Directed by Marcus Dunstan of Saw movie fame.  This movie doesn't let up.  A tour de force from start to finish.  I am not a big fan of long credits at the start, but they had an initial scene that set the movie up very nicely, and the end credits entertained until the very end!

A brief synopsis: A handy man is working on some projects along with other workers at the home of a jewel broker, his wife owes money to a loan shark and needs money yesterday. To get the money for his wife, the handyman Arkin (Josh Stewart) decides to steal from the broker's house as the family is leaving on a  vacation.  He breaks in and discovers that a crazed killer has filled the house with traps and is torturing the family inside.  Terror ensues!

Now this movie is definitely not for the feint of heart. It is extremely brutal, and relentless.  It also has alot of holes in the plot and implausible situations, but it is so well made, the effects and gore so great and the pacing so perfect I didn't even care. Just suspend disbelief and you'll be in for a terror ride that is pretty rare.  If you are the type of viewer who needs all the ends sown up, it's probably not for you, but I can't recommend it higher.  I give it 9/10 and a big GRAB IT!

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