Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Horror Jungle Podcast

Well, the second Horror Jungle Podcast is going to be out in two more days, and I have really enjoyed participating.  Thanks much to BillChete for the opportunity!  Doc, HellHunter, BloodyLizzy, KC Canton, Midnight Corey and Joe Mummy have all been great to podcast with.  Just a great bunch of people.

Thank you to all who wrote in to my email (bossbutcher@rocketmail). Please keep the feedback coming so I can give you the segment you want. I am working on putting together a real-time movie viewing over Twitter, where I will announce a time and a DVD to watch together if anyone is interested.  I'll announce as soon as I have it all worked out.

Meanwhile, enjoy the Horror Jungle episode 2!  Some really great picks on there!  Thanks for listening!

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