Monday, September 14, 2015

I'm baaack!

Well, I certainly haven't been updating this page in far too long! I think I will begin using it to just get my day to day out there. Mainly just to sort it out, I don't know how entertaining it will be for others, but what the hell?!? Just the ramblings of a 40 something podcaster! So today, I had planned on recording an all British episode of my main podcast, Terror Troop, but my internet provider had other plans! So here I sit with a few other things I need to be doing, and I will, shortly! Mainly watching a film for my Found Footage Files show and possibly some You Tube work a bit later. Tomorrow we are planning on knocking out the British show, and I am very much looking forward to it! I took the summer off from the primary Terror Troop show and spent some time reevaluating everything. I am refreshed and think I know the limits of what I am going to be tackling to keep things fresh. It has been great to get back to talking to actual friends and still maintaining my "real life". The four years + I spent growing and developing Terror Troop became a bit unhealthy and burned me out, so I need the time to just expand my horizons a bit, and bring a bit of balance back into the picture. Anyhow, I am gearing up for the Mile High Horror Film Festival again. I will be attending the entire weekend this year, unless I end up going to the Telluride festival as well, then I will probably only go to 1 or 2 days. Either way, it looks to be a kick ass October for yours truly! So potentially festivals at the beginning and middle of the month, and a big Halloween celebration at my house at the end of the month! Halloween is by far my favorite time of the year! I am blessed to live in a dynamite Halloween neighborhood! Tons of trick or treaters and a lot of folks (myself included) decorate big time! For right now, it is mainly lawn and house decorations for me, but down the road when my grandson is a little older, my daughter Lizzy and myself have big plans to make a haunted house experience for the Halloween crowd. We will start with the garage, but I would love to expand over the years and make a full blown haunted house thing using my back yard. Well, I guess that's it, folks, for now! Time's a wastin'!! Laters

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