Friday, December 12, 2014

Been a while!

I haven't updated in soooo long on my little blog! I don't know if anyone ever even checks on it anymore! Anyhow, things are going great with the podcasts! Since I last posted on here, we have become fully independent at Terror Troop and I have started another podcast called Found Footage Files with Kelly Killbot.

It's amazing this journey has taken since I first jumped on a podcast from the legendary BillChete called The Horror Jungle. I have met so many great folks over the years, and made friends literally all over the world. The thing keeps growing and I am enjoying following the path I am on.

Just plan to keep forging ahead with what I am doing, and sending positive vibes out into the universe! I encourage all of you to take chances and chase your dreams! Take the first step and enjoy the ride! I will be back soon to share stuff. Gotta revive this page! Make sure you listen to the Terror Troop!

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