Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Terror Troop News

Here's a little heads up on the Terror Troop Podcast as we close in on 1 year of podcasting!  Throw us a comment if you cruised in from The Horror Palace website!


Anonymous said...

wtf is this wheres vampire movie stuff - what a tart gay vids

Anonymous said...

y is this moderated yeah u probably wont post it - lame site

Boss Butcher said...

ANONYMOUS- Surprise! Just an FYI, the reason this blog is moderated is because of something you may have heard of, called SPAM.
You know, thanks for taking the time to post your comment.
I will use your energy to motivate me to make something a bit more compelling, when I'm not Terror Trooping and Grisly Zoning. Have a great day! ITIP. :)