Friday, September 23, 2011

Episode 3 is here

The Terror Troop podcast Episode 3 is published now and available for download here and at . The RSS feed should be just around the corner. In this episode we look at Torso (1973) and Wake Wood (2010). The Vampire Bloodbath selection is Guillermo del Toro's Cronos, and Bloody Lizzy's Thrill Seekers feature is A Haunting in Connecticut. Hope you enjoy it! (Sorry this didn't post at midnight, it was scheduled but didn't work!)


Anonymous said...

Painfully bland - Needs to be more exciting - So boring - Bring back the Jungle host and cohosts. J.L.

Boss Butcher said...

Thanks for taking the time to leave your honest feedback. I wish it were just that easy to bring back the whole gang, it was great fun! Thanks for listening.

Anonymous said...

Still short vampire butch 50 mins and 4 reviews, needs more pepping up, I will continue downloading if this podcast can improve.


Anonymous said...

Boring with a CAPITAL 'B'!

This cast has lost ultimate focus as to why it was amazing.

It is no wonder that the other '6' bailed and left the two weakest links to continue.

Anonymous said...

kablooie stinky stuff this went to the doghouse

where in the world did hunter bill doc kc and mummy go

i want them back or i am vanishing

Boss Butcher said...

Thanks for continuing to listen, and thanks for posting. I will keep forging ahead! Still much to learn, and still enjoying it. Will do my best each time out, and hope you enjoy it.

Sorry we bored you, but thanks for listening just the same, and for taking time to comment. BTW,no one "bailed". Horror Jungle ended, and we started our own thing because we enjoy it. The others have their various projects going as well. Have a nice day!

Thanks for listening, and sharing your opinion.

Anonymous said...

whut an inexperienced crew where the fug is the subscipts where is all the new stuff its been 2 montjhs wating for a decent horror pod and this sure the hell isnt going anyhwhere
kurk bein

Boss Butcher said...

Kurk Bein-
Yep. We're inexperienced. The only way I know of to become experienced is to keep doing the podcast, and learn each time out. RSS feeds will be available as soon as I "experience" how to get them out there. I assure you I am working on it. but sorry, I just don't have the "experience" to just throw it out there. Thanks so much, though for caring enougnh to listen, and to comment.

Jason Pyles, Movie Critic said...

Boss Butcher,
I am grateful — and I appreciate — the work you've been doing on this new podcast. Thank you for your time and efforts. As a fellow podcaster, I know exactly how much work and dedication goes into producing just one podcast episode. In many ways, it's a thankless job — especially if your show isn't monetized and listeners aren't appreciative of your work. I never fail to be stunned by the grotesque ingratitude shown by those who viciously criticize the production of a FREE podcast — a podcast that has been created in hopes that listeners with similar interests will find it entertaining. Alas, this is often not the case. I've been following this horror podcasting crew since the first episode of Planet Macabre, and I was even a guest on Ep. 10, "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre." I loved Planet Macabre and Horror Jungle. Sure, I miss those shows, too — like everybody else. But I'm intelligent enough to appreciate that you and your crew are trying to keep a good thing going. In short, don't worry about these critics. Everybody's a critic, but not everybody's a podcaster. Basically, your critics have one of three options: 1. They can cut you some slack and recognize that your show will continue to improve over time. 2. They can stop listening to this FREE show and go produce their own damn podcast. Or, they will probably resort to this most likely choice: 3. They can continue to live in their mom's basement, watching made-for-TV Stephen King adaptations and attacking your podcast in order to appease their own sense of self-loathing. Just wanted you to know that you have listeners who appreciate what you're doing. Keep it up. Jason

Anonymous said...

this is some funny stuff that this jason piles guy who is now casting with drshock [a pompous person i bet is an overweight couch potato] on a acadamy podcast which is ultra boring comments here other than his podcast where i left a ctitcique about mistakes and my thoughts and never posted it

at least bossbutcher knows where he stand and posts comments whcih i respect and is why i will continuee to listen in the hopes of billchete joemummy and midnitecorey return and just maybe bossbutcher will seem more enthused when he speaks

aalso what does [free] have anything to do with it so you mean no criticsm on free that is retarded i for one love read comments and gives the listenner a base of the cast for ones that have zero comments ther are either no people listenming or people like piles that deletes commenting it shows the character of the hosts and if you cant take and post the good with the bad your in the wrong business you are public muster up and dont put down your base right

lets be honest here only a small fraction of hosts in the cast territory has what it takes to make ann interesting fun enjoyible engaugement exciting cast that is even worth it and it harkins back to the hosts [likability believebaliey and passion] which is what horrorjungle had that is sorely missed

good luck brett

Anonymous said...

THX for the TWO full reviews now; Suggestion; Do a theme with 5 movie reviews or go to a weekly format for more content. Inez

Boss Butcher said...

Thanks so much for the vote of confidence! I had no idea of how much was involved in making a podcast until I tried to get on going! Even with alot of help, there is a ton to learn. Every new facet turns itno a Pandora's Box of "minor details" etc. But, it is all things I am enjoying learning, and have wanted to do.
As far as the less positive remarks of some others, yeah, it can be a bummer. I don't think I've ever claimed to be anything other than a complete novice, but the bar has been set pretty high when people are used to hearing Planet Macabre and Horror Jungle.
Thanks again for stopping by to help raise spirits! I have enjoyed your material, too, and will continue to. As far as Terror Troop goes, I have no plans of stopping. I enjoy it making the podcast, and journey toward making it better.

Thanks for listening, and commenting on the podcast. Many of your points are valid, and I appreciate that you took the time to state them.
You are right in saying that not everyone has the ability to make a compelling podcast, but I intend to try, and I am sure many of the good ones had to grow into it. Maybe I will, maybe I won't. Only time will tell. Until, then, I hope you keep listening!

Anonymous said...

What horror pieces you covering on #4 BB>>>We ever getting more vampire reviews>>>What's taking the new website so long>>>Ridley

Midnight Corey said...


I'm so happy you've been podcasting. I'm behind you 100%, keep it up! I'm sorry I haven't been able to be involved, but I will be listening.

And don't be discouraged by negative comments. Everyone's a critic, especially on the internet. And if people are taking the time to leave comments (positive or negative), that means they actually care quite a bit about the show.

Take the negatives with a grain of salt -- lotsa trolls out there.

Cheers man!

Boss Butcher said...

Thanks Corey!

I am slowly getting the hang of it, and just going at my own pace and above all ENJOYING IT!

I feel the same, that if people are taking time, they are listening, and I appreciate that! Thanks for stopping in to comment! It means alot to me.